Good stuff.

Mix all day/Sleep all night.

God I’m tired.

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my album of the day.


And it only took 1.5 years of work and drafts and multiple aborted endings that may or may not come back as B-sides….

Ahhh my body.

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A wild NEW SONG appears!

A wild NEW SONG appears!

So for those not in the know..

2 remixes are coming down the pike. One of them for a group, the other for a singer….

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In case you were wondering the final decision about N0_HER0ES is that there will NOT be a split. It will be one whole complete product when it drops. Period.

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A wild NEW SONG appears!

Hit the Reset Button!

So MC Larny is gonna reset the whole “start a band” conversation. After trying to get things started over the past year…and failing over and over again, it’s time for what someone could call a “Fresh start”.

At this rate, I have no idea who to talk to about this, I have virtually exhausted every option I have and now this is the scenario. Compromise and fall into line with everyone else, get a DJ and deliver a pre-rendered show that is all in the can, tough this out and find someone, anyone, to make this a reality, or give up.

I’ll explain how it all led up to this.

-Back in 2007, I released an album, and foolishly thought I could promote it by selling it at a show I wasn’t performing at. Didn’t sell a copy, I still have the CDs in my closet (which makes for a funny story)…

-In 2013, I performed a show where I showed up with just keys and my laptop…everyone else had a guitar. It sucked. From then on I promised myself that I would do a show with a live instrumentation element, no more one man shows unless it’s for Project Nightmare.

-Later on that year, I started infrequently jamming with a friend of mine, and while we clicked, our styles of working on music were totally different. Guy wanted to jam all the time and couldn’t remember the riffs he wrote, which didn’t help matters.

-An attempted Deaf by Misadventure reunion blew up due to the dreaded time conflicts issue…

-I had a singer in mind who after we talked to about this project, also had time conflicts and dropped out.

-numerous drummers also had time conflicts and other projects to attend to which like I said, didn’t help matters.

-If you’re asking about an Aces Down reunion…ain’t happening. Ari’s all the way in Cali right now, and we haven’t spoken in 4 years. Not to mention everyone is in a different place right now creatively and I can’t ask people who are so set in their ways to go back…

So this is where we are right now, hitting the reset switch and starting over. I did try two one-off performances this summer where I was in the pre-taped and all live settings, and while I feel fine in both areas…I just want to do it live and be able to change things, make stuff sound different live, instead of being handcuffed to instrumentals and DJs.

Don’t get it twisted I respect those who can do it and do it in a compelling manner but I’m wanting to do it live. It’s my comfort zone. And to be honest I’ve been doing this virtually alone since day 1. It’s time to change things up.

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