back to the drawing board in regards to this band stuff….ugh.

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Still timeless.

Debating about turning N0_HER0ES into something bigger. 2 parts or a longer version or something….there’s a lot on the table.

I would easily say 2 parts works, but the issue is Part 2 feeling…well, feeling uneven. I know exactly how Part 1 would end, but…Part 2 would potentially feel overly dark and a sharp contrast that would make them two individual pieces, that don’t combine into one whole.

Oh, the one whole thing…well, the idea right now is to drop part one, months later, drop part 2, and combine them into one CD/cassette release. 

But back to why I’m splitting it (or thinking about it)… the mixtape was something that I wanted to do, and do it right. No half-stepping. This virtually became an album, and I had a lot of ideas that are extremely crucial to the story being told. I debated taking one collab, making that a single and saving the collab for a remix single. But…it didn’t work like that.

Delays are real and I am not trying to further stall this project. I want to avoid hitting a 3 year development cycle (we’re going to be at 2 years in about 3 weeks time) but to rush out half a mixtape and then put out the other half seems…well it just seems like a cop-out.

I’ll update on what the next course of action is.

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Listen/purchase: Project Nightmare: Links of Future Past by MC Larny

SZ-INS-015 is HERE.


Oh lordy, I pulled an all nighter… but I got a new song done. Pending mixing and overdubs…but it’s set.

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I can’t stop.

So I have envisioned an entire line of music to release in the next few years. It starts with N0_HER0ES and it only goes on from there…

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A wild NEW SONG appears!



larry ain’t playing around no more…

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A wild NEW SONG appears!

Impatiently waiting for 7pm. 

Impatiently waiting for 7pm. 

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