the frustrations of trying to get people together

since I started music, there has always been one thing that has driven me up the wall, and that’s the silent treatment, and mostly my own inability to force things.

people i try and work with, most of the time, just blow me off. I don’t like that, at all. at the same time, I know how people work and operate, and odds are it’s just my assumption of events in overdrive.

and then there’s the classic, talk-to-you-and-i’m-not-worth-a-response crap.

in short, trying to find someone to replace ari’s role in Aces Down/finding a singer to work with on the story from the mixtape, is driving me up the wall. so sick and tired of this crap. i want to quit because of this always happening but i’m at the point where instead of that i’ll burn bridges, tell people that “congrats, since you’re too lazy to get your act together, that chance to be part of something is going somewhere else. how’s that”

so i’m stuck. but i’m not stuck forever.

04.14.14 ♥ 0

spent weekend.

work, music work, late nights, impromptu jam sessions, and revised gameplans.

going somewhere.

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So…this all came about in a manner of jest. I said to a friend “let’s do a punk/electro-thrash cover of Sailor Moon”


Hours later…

“Hey, that’s not a bad idea.”

And here we are. It was completed in the course of 9 hours top to bottom. No vocals yet…but there are so many parts that could be a gang chant if ya feel me.

A wild NEW SONG appears!

A wild NEW SONG appears!

The Live Setlist…

…is going to blow your mind. A ton of revisions have been made to songs. So get ready, because it’s bound to happen.

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A wild NEW SONG appears!

Ever get this sense that your life is a case of disappearing ink? No matter what you do or achieve, time will erase it. And that’s the catch, you want to live and yet, you can’t with this fear of losing it all inevitably. Your life, your work, your sanity, your identity, your love, all of them.

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surrealist nightmares

are a lot of fun.

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